2nd conference on ICC – Turin – presentations


  • Nick Goodwin – Recap from first conference in Hamburg
  • Don Redding- Mobilising the community as an asset: what do individuals, carers and families value in supporting their health and wellbeing?
  • Ben Thurman – The Place of Kindness: Combating loneliness and building stronger communities
  • Cristiano Gori – Overview of the Italian Health and Social Care System
  • Anne Wojtak – Preparing the workforce to be a partner in integrated community care

Case studies

International case studies

Overview (posters)
  • CoFoR, a Recovery training cente in Marseille (FR) Aurélie Tinland, Céline Engel
  • The Habitat Microaree programme to promote wellbeing and social cohesion in Trieste (IT) Antonella Rai, Municipality of Trieste and Sari Massiotta, Trieste Local Health Authority (IT)
  • Community Health Center Botermarkt Ghent: Patients, the community together with the interprofessional team, that makes the difference!
    Karen Verkoelen, health promoter and Veerle Vyncke, Flemish association of Community Health Centres (BE)

Local case studies

Overview (posters)

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