International case studies on ICC

The Scottish story of moving towards integrated health and wellbeing boards: developing policy across sectors and with the community, Geoff Huggins Director of Health and Social Care Integration at the Scottish Government Director of NES Digital Service

The Habitat Microaree programme to promote wellbeing and social cohesion in Trieste (IT) Antonella Rai, Municipality of Trieste and Sari Massiotta, Trieste Local Health Authority (IT)

Community Health Center Botermarkt Ghent: Patients, the community together with the interprofessional team, that makes the difference! 
Karen Verkoelen, health promoter and Veerle Vyncke, Flemish association of Community Health Centres (BE)

CoFoR, a Recovery training cente in Marseille (FR), Aurélie Tinland, Céline Engel

Jigsaw – Integrating youth mental health careJoseph Duffy, Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, Ireland

Neighbourhoods of Solidarity: an elderly community process conducted throughout action research in SwitzerlandMarion Zwygart, Quartiers Solidaires (Neighborhood Solidarity), Switzerland

Caring Community, Antoine Boivin and Ghislaine Rouly, Canada

Compassionate Communities Canada, Bonnie Tompkins and Jon Faulkner, Canada