A call to action
Promoting Community Health: the challenges of complexity in the time of the pandemic

Blog author: Luana Ceccarini, Psychologist-Psychotherapist, PhD in Social and Community Psychology, Association for Social Advancement “La Bottega del Possible” -- Federica Casari, Psychologist-Psychotherapist, Association for Social Advancement “La Bottega del Possible”

Does Integrated Community Care (ICC) contribute towards the resilience of health systems? An exploration of the response of Ghent’s Primary Care Zone to Covid-19  

Blog author: Prof. em. Jan De Maeseneer, MD, Ph.D. Head WHOCC on Family Medicine and Primary Health Care –  Ghent University (Belgium)

Compassionate communities as response to the limitations of the palliative care professional services

Blog author: Luc Deliens - Ghent University and Free University Brussels (VUB)

Starting the Transition Towards Integrated Community Care 4all

Blog author: Tinne Vandensande, King Baudouin Foundation

Learning from mistakes

Blog author: Anna Coote, Principal Fellow, New Economics Foundation

Covid-19—a pivotal moment in community care

Blog author: Antoine Boivin, Manuel Penafiel, Ghislaine Rouly, Valérie Lahaie, Marie-Pierre Cods, Mathieu Isabel, Brian White-Guay

Together Apart: Community Life in Times of Crisis

Blog author: Cormac Russell – Co-written by Al Smith, Jono Byrne, Mark Upton and Richard Martin