Changemakers Forum for ICC

Welcoming 15 initiatives to join the Changemakers Forum for Integrated Community Care

In June 2021, an independent selection committee comprised of experts and advocates within the field of integrated community care selected 15 initiatives to join TransForm’s Changemakers Forum.

TransForm, the Transnational Forum on Integrated Community Care, seeks to identify and value socially innovative initiatives from across Europe and Canada that support the capacity of local communities to deal with public health issues and the care needs of people throughout their lifetime. By creating and supporting a Changemakers Forum, TransForm seeks to maintain the impetus towards driving progress and innovation in integrated community care.

The Changemakers Forum will guide and support the TransForm coalition and its partners in identifying priorities and activities to advance to the field of integrated community care. This forum will serve as an international advisory group and learning community that will connect participants with stakeholders across Europe and Canada, and will be supported through workshops designed by and tailored to the interests, priorities and needs of participants.

15 initiatives from Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands have been selected to join the Changemakers Forum.

Ranging from mental health community centres to an intergenerational housing projects, each initiatives takes an innovative approach to addressing the key components of integrated community care. Over the coming months, we will spotlight these initiatives and share their approaches and lessons for the ICC community.

We are pleased to announce TransForm’s Changemakers: