While COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of our care systems and heightened inequalities within our society, it has also provided an opportunity for integrated community care initiatives to fill the gaps where institutionalized responses could not. Moreover, the pandemic has confirmed that community health and resilience, anchored in efficacious and accessible pri­mary care, must remain a priority. While the future remains uncertain, this Insights Paper presents 4 future scenarios for how our society may respond to the pandemic and how ICC can help us to overcome challenges and address health and care needs in a post-COVID-19 world.

COVID-19 & ICC – Insights Paper: The impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Integrated community care


Approaches & Case Studies

Examples of Integrated Community Care in action can be found all over the world. A number of emblematic approaches described below provide a flavour of the wide range of existing ICC practices. These approaches and case studies all embody the ICC effectiveness principles wholly or partially and each reflect different drivers, different areas of focus (care provision, community building or on spatial-environmental development), and different ingredients (place-based, assets-based, alliances-based…). It is the interaction between these three axes that give rise to a wide range of practices that can be seen as embodiments of ICC.

Case studies

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TransForm has identified a range of real-world practices, wholly or partially aligned with the principles underpinning Integrated Community Care. Browse the full list of initiatives embodying ICC.

Update: 07-12-2020



Input Papers

TransForm develops briefing papers for delegates attending the conferences. The input papers are designed to equip participants with background reading on ICC, evidence of the approaches and key strategies used to engage and empower people and communities and useful resources on the topic of each conference.

Synthesis Reports

TransForm develops synthesis reports designed to report on the documents, discussions and learnings of each conference.

Further readings

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