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Examples of Integrated Community Care in action can be found all over the world. A number of emblematic approaches described below provide a flavour of the wide range of existing ICC practices. These approaches and case studies all embody the ICC effectiveness principles wholly or partially and each reflect different drivers, different areas of focus (care provision, community building or on spatial-environmental development), and different ingredients (place-based, assets-based, alliances-based…). It is the interaction between these three axes that give rise to a wide range of practices that can be seen as embodiments of ICC.

TransForm Conferences

TransForm has hosted a series of conferences that have help to build the field of Integrated Community Care and ultimately design the ICC4All Strategy and the 7 effectiveness principles for ICC. We invite you to explore the input papers, synthesis documents, and other useful learning materials that have come out of these events.

Case Studies & Approaches

Caring Communities
Updated: 16-02-2022
Community Health Centres
Updated: 23-12-2021
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TransForm has identified a range of real-world practices, wholly or partially aligned with the principles underpinning Integrated Community Care. Browse the full list of initiatives embodying ICC.

Conference documents

Habitat Microaree in Trieste – A Caring City
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TransForm has hosted four international conferences in Europe and in Canada to explore and build the values and principles that define Integrated Community Care.

Further readings

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North Ayrshire: A case study on kindness
Goal-oriented care. A shared language and co-creative practice for health and social care – King Baudouin Foundation, 2020
Conversations with young people about kindness – Carnegie UK and Young Scot
Four Essential Elements of an Asset-Based Community Development Process – John McKnight & Cormac Russell, September 2018