Synthesis Reports

The synthesis report Making the Case for Integrated Community Care is designed as a report of the documents, disscussions and learnings of the 1st Transnational Conference on Integrated Community Care that took place in Hamburg, Germany on 24-26 September 2018. The synthesis report Towards People-Driven Care is designed as a report of the documents, disscussions and learnings … More Synthesis Reports

Port Büsum

Health Centre Port Büsum is part of the wider network of PORT registered centres (the Community Health Center Port Hohenstein is another example). It is owned by the municipality and provides multi-professional, continuous care to its community of app. 8000 inhabitants and app. 6000 tourists every year. Motivated by the shortage of primary care physicians, … More Port Büsum

Wellengang Hamburg and AG Jump

Wellengang Hamburg provides support and counselling for children living with parents with mental illness. Through collaboration with pediatricians, school, social services and psychiatrists, the project focuses on prevention, education and empowering families. The AG Jump is an initiative driven solely by volunteers to support young people up to 25 years of age who provide care … More Wellengang Hamburg and AG Jump

Health for Billstedt-Horn

This project represents a “gesundheitskiosk” aiming to empower patients to take more responsibility for their health, decreasing the work load of general practitioners and increasing quality of care through connecting the medical and social sector. The gesundheitskiosk is a one-stop, walk-in clinic at street-level providing disease prevention and motivational counselling in eight of the most … More Health for Billstedt-Horn


The capacity-development project CORESZON started at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf in 2016. It is grounded in the Community Resilience Model (CRM®). It is a culture-sensitive, self-help based addition to standard care, implemented from peer to peer. CORESZON offers training and advice courses in refugee aid. The CRM-System enables people to understand their own neural system … More Coreszon

Poliklinik Veddel

The Poliklinik Veddel is a district health care center consisting of a general practitioner and social, health and psychological counselling. It is designed to be a meeting point for everyone, who is motivated to look after his/her health and a good life at the Veddel. The Poliklinik Veddel is establishing an integrated care structure aiming … More Poliklinik Veddel

NWGA (Netzwerk GesundAktiv)

NWGA provides cross-sectoral aid and support in the neighbourhood which seeks to provide answers to demographic challenges by taking medical-geriatric competencies and digital solutions into account. The aim is to enable elderly people to reside in their own homes in an autonomous and self-reliant manner for as long as possible.

Progetto Prisma

Progetto Prisma aims to empower people with disability through an individual and personalized approach. Their focus is on psychological wellbeing, social inclusion and changing the way people with disability are perceived.