Case studies on ICC

TransForm is carrying out a non-systematic literature review and scan a range of evidence sources to collate a set of promising practices from across Europe and internationally undertaking integrated community care. The approach also includes hand searches of key journals, case reports from selected websites and government reports and/or official presentations. 

The final synthesis report will be published at the end of the project (Spring 2020). It will bring together the findings from the mapping exercise and the experience documented across the four transnational conferences.

International case studies on ICC are invited to the TransForm conferences, local case studies have been visited in Hamburg and Turin. Click below to know more!

Input Papers

TransForm develops briefing papers for delegates attending the conferences. The input papers are designed to equip participants with background reading on ICC, evidence of the approaches and key strategies used to engage and empower people and communities and useful resources on the topic of each conference.

Synthesis Reports

TransForm develops synthesis reports designed to report on the documents, discussions and learnings of each conference.

Further readings